7 faculties is 7 times more possibilities


The Inter-Faculty Studies in Environmental Protection (or MSOS) is a unit of the University of Warsaw established by its Senate in 1992, in order that the University would be in a position to offer inter-disciplinary studies in environmental protection. As this implies, the specific feature of MSOS is its broad programme of studies extending far beyond the confines of any single University Faculty. In contrast, specialisation and a Master’s thesis are more associated with a selected discipline and with a deepening of the level of knowledge. Environmental protection is thus understood as a field of knowledge that requires a broad scientific research base allowing for the understanding of both the mechanisms governing the natural world and the place and role of humankind as it interferes with the system. At the same time, the deepening of knowledge in a discipline when the time to specialise arrives ensures that the high level associated with a Master’s degree is retained. In general, demand for studies of this kind is created by an awareness of the practical action that environmental protection denotes – i.e. the resolving of complex environmental problems with a view to ensuring society’s sustainable development.